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How to Learn About WordPress WordPress is an online platform that permits its users to publish their articles on their sites and blogs. Conversely, WordPress has evolved from being a blogging platform to being an adaptable content management system that permits you to create a working website and any mobile application to suit your needs. This article gives reasons why you should choose to use WordPress for a friendly SEO website for your business or personal use. First, WordPress is free, so you have no reason not to use it. WordPress can be accessed by simply downloading it from if it is a self-hosted installation and if it is a hosted service then you can acquire it from After downloading is complete; WordPress shows new user how to install by providing a tutorial for the installation process. Further to this, there is a WordPress Blog Setup service that you can quickly read through, and you can easily install WordPress without help from a professional.
The Essential Laws of WordPress Explained
Furthermore, WordPress is safe and secure for your website. Despite the many insecurity cases found on the internet from intruders, WordPress has an application known as Sucuri that monitors security threats from intruders and then notifies you so that you can act on that particular threat. Therefore, with these sorts of security measures, your website is usually ensured of security.
The Essential Laws of WordPress Explained
The reason why WordPress emerges to be a perfect candidate that will match your site is that there are million cheap premium themes that you can choose from that will enable your website to have an outstanding appearance. Some WordPress leitmotif include the photography, e-commerce, restaurant, portfolio and magazines leitmotifs which you can alter by customising to the kind of colour you want, the background of your choice and it also allows you to add your logo to no regulations. Moreover, WordPress additionally supports plugins which are very effective for your website since they enable you to add attributes which originally were not part of their core code. Some of these features include search engines, content management system, a client portal that will enable users to log into your website privately and the addition of navigation bars, images audio and video content which enhances the written text on your site. In case there is an upgrade of any plugin, WordPress will notify you on your dashboard making it very easy to manage. If you like to update these features, it gives you an option of an accept button, but if you choose not to upgrade, it also offers a decline button. To conclude, because of the open nature, WordPress lets you take control of your site without any constraints and regulations from any programmer.